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‘With Chatbot Max, motorists get the help they desperately seek, 24/7. They become informed, not frustrated. And this empowers them to make an educated decision about whether to challenge their PCN.’

Shane Reffin, Wakefield Council

‘The results have, quite simply, been outstanding. Time spent answering phone calls from frustrated customers has fallen by 40%.’

Michaela Hall, Bradford Council

‘Chatbot Max is a game-changing innovation – a 24/7 digital colleague.’

Paul Hutton, Dorset Council

‘We used to get appeals from customers that weren’t going to be successful because they didn't understand what our parking policies were. Barbour Logic is putting that information straight in front of the customer. This cuts down their frustration of waiting two weeks and then finding out they haven’t been successful. Overall, this provides a better customer journey.’

Ben Brailsford, Sheffield City Council
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‘Response Master gave our temps and staff superpowers!’

Stewart Skene, Perth & Kinross Council

‘Our letter-answering capability has doubled since using Response Master.’

Glynnis Jeavons, Walsall Council

‘Letters generated by Response Master are in plain English and easy to understand. This has led to a huge drop in avoidable repeat contact from motorists.’

Anne Solomons, Bradford Council

‘We were looking for something that would improve the consistency of responses and improve the quality of letters to the public across the team. In Barbour Logic, we now have this.’

Garry Hoyle, North Tyneside Council
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