Constant innovation, making life better for councils and citizens

We look at services where squeezed public-sector teams struggle to answer thousands of complex queries from the public. And we ask ourselves: how can we make life simpler and better, for the people who provide the service and for the people who receive it?

Then we find an innovative way. For the public sector, our award-winning business-rules engine automates processes never automated before, freeing up valuable time. And the responses it generates to the public are not just consistent and correct, but in plain English. Because clear information is easy to understand and act on. Better for the public sector, better for the public.

Innovation has always been our thinking. It was our thinking when we won our first customer. And it’s our thinking today, where 60 councils and leading outsourcers trust our products to deliver the right answers. And great working relationships and after-sales service means our customers stay with us, year in, year out.

With 60 councils and 6 innovation awards under our belt, we’re at the forefront of the govtech revolution.

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