Max Connect

A chatbot for council websites

Max connects citizens to information better, faster and smarter

saving thousands of calls every month


20% of calls to councils are avoidable. They’re from citizens who tried the website first. That’s over 40,000 avoidable calls for a typical council, costing over £100,000 a year.


Max reduces these avoidable calls. He greets your website visitors and intelligently connects them to the information they need. However they ask for it. Saving time and money for everyone.

How Max works

Citizens type what they want – in natural language. Max understands, and connects them to the information they need. Which saves calls.

Tried & trusted. Plug & play

Max takes just one hour to install. He comes fully trained and works out of the box. Proven call savings: over 40,000 calls and £100,000 for a typical council. We work with over 60 UK councils. We’d love to talk to you.