14 Nov 18

Response Master enables Hackney’s correspondence team to take higher volumes in its stride

Increased enforcement around many of the borough’s schools has led to a significant increase in Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) challenges …

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18 Jul 18

New Technology Chief at Barbour Logic

Kishan Hickman has joined Barbour Logic as Chief Technology Officer. He joins the automated solutions specialist from online retailer Abel …

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28 Jun 18

Automation delivers efficiency gains and service benefits for West Midlands authority

The Parking Services team at Solihull Council in the West Midlands has taken full advantage of automated solutions to maximise operational …

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11 Jun 18

Barbour Logic unveils next-generation correspondence solution

The pioneer of automated solutions for responding to motorists unveiled the industry’s most advanced letter-generating system at …

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25 May 18

Why you should write your privacy policy in Plain English

You may know that a requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules is any organisation gathering personal data must publish a privacy…

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11 Jan 18

50% Capital gain for Barbour Logic

The London Borough of Lambeth is the latest authority in the capital to take advantage of the quality and consistency provided by Barbour Logic’s intelligent correspondence technologies…

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