Chatbot Max – your expert digital colleague

Max live-chats with motorists thinking of challenging a PCN

Max is the successor to our Self-Serve product

Transforms customer experience and accessibility

For motorists, it’s like live-chatting with a helpful human expert – and getting personal PCN advice. And Max is there for them 24/7.

Reduces correspondence by 33%

Because Max resolves issues without motorists always having to write in.

An innovation breakthrough

Max is a first in parking. Powered by our multi-award-winning parking ‘brain’, Max understands parking and each council’s policies through 800 settings.

Results that speak for themselves

‘Thanks to Chatbot Max, our PCN challenges have decreased by 33%.’
Georgie Hannon, Buckinghamshire Council

‘Chatbot Max is a game-changing innovation – a 24/7 digital colleague.’
Paul Hutton, Dorset Council

‘With Chatbot Max, motorists get the help they desperately seek, 24/7. They become informed, not frustrated. And this empowers them to make an educated decision about whether to challenge their PCN.’
Shane Reffin, Wakefield Council

Plug & play

Configuring the policies takes just one day, then Max is ready to help motorists 24/7.

Sound Interesting?

Click below to see a demo of Max