Response Master 4 – totally refreshed – better, faster and smarter than ever

17 Dec 19

We have now upgraded the majority of our standalone customers to Response Master 4.0 (RM4), the latest version of Response Master.

This means they benefit from:
• A quicker, more modern user experience;
• All questions on one page – no ‘continue’ button.
• Watching the letter being built as they answer questions and insert paragraphs;
• Recommended reasons based on contravention and stage;
• Being able to change answers without going back to the beginning;
• An inbuilt text editor, removing the need to open letters in Word; and
• More frequent upgrades and enhanced support.

We performed the roll out customer by customer so that we could be onsite to train users and make sure everything was going well. This also allowed us to make sure that we could monitor and increase our resources as more and more users switched to RM4.

At our recent User Forum in Sheffield we had excellent feedback from users who had been upgraded to RM4. However, we have been keen to listen to all feedback from our users and modify RM4 to give users the best experience.

If you’d like to see how Response Master has changed, please email