Chatbot Max – the digital colleague who’s transforming customer experience

16 Dec 20

Chatbot Max, our latest innovation, is proving a hit with motorists. Motorists unhappy about a PCN can now go online, live-chat with Chatbot Max, and get expert advice. Max is a digital colleague who understands parking and council policies.

‘With Chatbot Max, motorists get the help they desperately seek, 24/7,’ says Shane Reffin of Wakefield Council. ‘Motorists become informed, not frustrated. And this empowers them to make an educated decision about whether to challenge their PCN.’

The addition of Chatbot Max is a major boost for accessibility. In the UK, 1 in 5 adults has literacy issues and 1 in 6 has mental health issues. For them, writing in can prove difficult and stressful. For them – for everyone – Chatbot Max provides a new and welcome source of advice, 24/7.

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